Salesperson and team leader
EYA Urban Properties Inc.
1515 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
United States
District Of Columbia US

In Bozzi’s first year of college, he was telling a friend over lunch about his interest in real estate when a practitioner at the next table offered him a job. An avid Architectural Digest reader, Bozzi combines his interest in design with his passion for the center city. “I love city life, the buzz, the people walking around.” His enthusiasm must be contagious, because his team did $32.8 million in business in 2004. The team, which he assembled two years ago, consists of three salespeople and a transaction coordinator. The company also has a dedicated marketing department that brings in prospective clients and sets appointments. This frees him up to do what he loves best, showing people around the city’s different neighborhoods.

Follow the money: Bozzi joined EYA because the boutique company, affiliated with a local builder, offers its salespeople a salary, benefits, paid time off, and continuing education.

All aboard: He displays his intimate knowledge of the market by taking prospective clients on private bus tours around the city.