Arroyo & Arroyo
12636 High Bluff Drive #400
San Diego, CA 92130
United States
California US

“I’m a face-to-face kind of guy. Not being behind a desk is what attracted me to real estate.”

Experience as a music producer who had set up sound-recording studios inspired Arroyo to create a high-tech mobile office in his car. He has all the tools needed to work, including a satellite Internet connection for his laptop, fax machine, printer, and flat-screen video. The results are great efficiency on the road and a strong “wow” from his clientele and their kids. Wee ones watch movies while parents look at listings.

How he got into real estate: A strong desire to surf and retire at a young age spurred Arroyo to relocate to San Diego from San Francisco six years ago. After spending most of his time near pricey beachfront property, he found that he was good at schmoozing with the area’s wealthy homeowners about furnishings, artwork, and investing. He got his real estate license and focused on the luxury home market.

The one downside: 85-hour workweeks leave little time to surf.