Andrew Greenwell & Co. LLC

While other 16-year-olds were reading Sports Illustrated, Greenwell was reading Homes and Land. “It was an ongoing joke at our dinner table,” he says. At 19, Greenwell bought his first home and soon after opened his own brokerage. “My first year, I closed $6 million in business while maintaining a full course load at Florida State University,” he says.

One-stop shop: Now, at the ripe old age of 24, Greenwell, who sells both residential and commercial properties, has two administrative employees and four sales associates working for him. He’s also launched a property management and a mortgage division, headed by his partner. He personally closed $11 million in sales last year with 13 transaction sides.

Making youth pay: Greenwell has found a way to turn his youth to his advantage by opening Corporate Realty Group Students in Tallahassee. The company focuses on educating the area’s 60,000 college students and their parents on the value of buying a home or apartment while attending school. “It helps students build their credit while teaching them responsibility,” says Greenwell. He’s also launching a program through the Sarasota Community Youth Development Project that lets high school students shadow young professionals.