RE/MAX Prestige
United States

Morales was 6 years old when she moved from Puerto Rico to the United States. Just 13 years later, the young immigrant was working three jobs to amass enough money for a down payment on a condo. Her lender was also co-owner of a local RE/MAX office and recruited her into real estate. Morales, who has won several awards from RE/MAX International, posted $6.9 million in sales last year while continuing work toward a bachelor's degree. Much of her business comes from the large Hispanic community in the Lowell area, where her bilingual skills are valued.

Friend to scholars: She established a college scholarship at her high school for students who plan to major in business and donates a portion of the commission from each sale to the scholarship fund.

Sharing the dream: Morales has taught classes for first-time home buyers and plans to expand that effort after she finishes college. "Everybody wants a piece of that American dream," she says. "I've been fortunate to get it at a young age."