Website Terms of Use / Click Through Agreement

Name of Agreement: Website Terms of Use Agreement / Click Through Agreement

Parties: Website owner, such as a multiple listing service, broker, brokerage firm, or sales licensee, and a user of the website.

Purpose: The terms of use / click through agreement limit the rights of the website user to use the data displayed on the website. In addition, the terms of use / click through agreement provide for licenses to others to link to the website, and the terms on which a link may be created.
To state the conditions under which the listing content is made available via the internet for use by the public.
To secure the agreement to those conditions and terms by those members of the public using the website.

Options: This document can be either a terms of use agreement or a click through agreement depending on the option you choose.

Instructions: This document is a standalone agreement. All of the blanks need to be completed. The terms of use should either be prominently displayed on the website, or included in a link that is displayed “above the fold” on the webpage. Alternatively, the website should be established to require the user to click on an “I accept” button before the user can access any listings.

Website Terms of Use Agreement (59 KB)

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