Legal Case Summaries

California appellate court rules listing broker was not liable for injuries suffered by a potential purchaser when he fell into an empty pool on the property and the broker did not have a duty to warn him that standing over an empty pool on a diving board posed a risk of injury because the danger was open and obvious.
Washington court reinstates deceptive trade practice allegations against real estate professionals for failing to provide the exact disclosures required by a county ordinance regarding airplane noise.
New York jury awards $4.75 million in damages and punitive damages in a case where a firm hired a manager of another brokerage and allegedly encouraged the manager to secretly recruit salespeople as well as steal listings and other information from the brokerage before she left to work at the new firm. 
In a case supported by NAR, Kansas’s highest court finds that town’s “transportation user fee” imposed a tax on property owners based on the use of their property and thus was an impermissible excise tax.


Window to the Law

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