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California’s highest court has affirmed a lower court ruling that a listing broker for a brokerage acting as a dual agent owes a buyer an equivalent duty as the brokerage.

Wisconsin court rules that broker/lender did not have a fiduciary duty when he was considering a short sale offer for client's property.

Two cases from Massachusetts examine when parties could enter into a real estate contract via text messages.

Colorado court rules that a “for sale” sign is not an invitation for buyers to enter the property and so dismissed lawsuit brought by a buyer who suffered injuries when she entered the property unaccompanied by the listing broker.

Arizona appellate court has determined that a salesperson was not an employee of the brokerage firm but rather an independent contractor, and thus the brokerage was not vicariously liable for the salesperson’s automobile accident.

Illinois court rules that a broker’s statement that he had a “strong relationship” with the alderman did not constitute a misstatement of fact necessary to bring a misrepresentation claim.