Legal Case Summaries

California court affirms ruling that broker breached contract with consultant by not registering firm with state’s real estate commission and the contract breach caused the consultant damages.

Utah appellate court affirms trial court’s commission award to the buyer’s representative from the seller because the seller’s failure to comply with the terms of the purchase contract caused the transaction to fail.

Minnesota court finds that real estate professionals did not have a fraudulent intent when they told the buyers that the property had 900 feet of lakeshore access because the real estate professionals had obtained this information from the county’s website. 

Oklahoma court reinstates lawsuit alleging transaction broker failed to disclose adverse material facts that the brokerage had received during an earlier transaction involving the property.

Pennsylvania federal court dismisses lawsuit over a commission dispute for a commercial property arising from the broker’s alleged oral agreement to reduce his commission that was never reduced to a writing.

Photographer’s lawsuit against real estate professional over her use of the photographer’s copyrighted photograph on her website without permission is dismissed because the photographer did not demonstrate actual damages. 

Ohio court rules that real estate professional had no duty to disclose the fact that a sex offender lived next door, as this was a nonmaterial defect that did not involve the buyer’s property.



Real estate professionals must be cognizant of copyright issues when it comes to listing content, most notably in connection with listing photographs.

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