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Supreme Court of the United States affirms lower court rulings that found a dental licensing board violated federal antitrust laws and was not immune from antitrust scrutiny because the board was not sufficiently supervised by the state. The decision has potential ramifications for state real estate commissions.

Nebraska federal court upholds Nebraska's attempt to enjoin a California broker from listing Nebraska properties without a Nebraska license and rules that the state’s regulations did not violate the First Amendment, as the broker was offering brokerage services and not simply advertising the properties.

California court holds that broker had no duty to discover or disclose to homebuyer that local regulatory requirements could preclude building home on purchased lot.

New Jersey federal court rules that the patent is directed at an abstract idea and thus may not be eligible for patent protection.

Federal appellate court affirms trial court’s determination that the sellers in this class-action lawsuit had failed to produce any evidence demonstrating the existence of a conspiracy to fix commission rates by brokerage firms.

Administrative law panels determine that registrants registered domains containing the term “REALTOR®” in bad faith.

Georgia court allows buyer’s lawsuit against the seller to proceed after she made improvements to the wrong property based on photos in the listing.