RMLS v. IMS, Inc.: Oregon MLS Stops Data Pirate

RMLS, a regional multiple listing service based in Portland, Oregon, has obtained a permanent injunction against a Canadian company that was stealing data from RMLS.

IMS Incorporated (a.k.a. Info Marketing Systems, Inc.), is a data processing company located in Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Montreal. As part of its business, IMS takes data from websites and repackages it into statistical reports. During the fall of 2000, IMS obtained unauthorized access to RMLS's database. Upon entry into the database, IMS downloaded RMLS data and repackaged it into statistical reports. IMS then sold these reports to the members of RMLS.

Upon discovering the unlawful use of its data, RMLS filed a lawsuit seeking an permanent injunction against IMS to stop the piracy of its data, pursuant to an Oregon law outlawing data piracy. Eventually, the parties reached a settlement, with IMS agreeing to the entry of a permanent injunction against its entry of the RMLS database unless it first received written permission from RMLS. The remaining terms of the settlement are confidential.

RMLS v. IMS, Inc. (filed in Portland, Oregon).