Internal News Service

NAR’s Internal News Service provides five different e-mail reports to NAR audiences on NAR legislative and regulatory activities, events, programs, products, legal analysis, and other late breaking news.

Internal News Service Reports

AE INS Report

E-mailed every Wednesday to association executives, association staff, and regional MLS executives. Contains the latest news, updates, and reports critical to REALTOR® associations.

Board of Director INS Report

E-mailed to NAR’s Board of Directors on the last Wednesday of every month. Contains the latest news, updates, and reports critical to directors.

Marketplace INS Report

E-mailed to association executives, association staff, and regional MLS executives on the first Friday of every month. Contains news and updates on NAR products, services, events, education info, and resources.

Special INS Report

E-mailed when there is breaking news to report to NAR audiences.

Subscribe to the INS

The INS report for AEs is automatically sent to all REALTOR® Association Executives listed in the National REALTORS Database System (NRDS) every Wednesday, so there’s no need to subscribe if your current e-mail appears in your association’s NRDS profile.

The INS for AEs is also sent automatically to association senior staff (communication directors, MLS directors, government affairs directors, member services directors, and education directors listed in NRDS). Other association staff can subscribe to the INS by sending an e-mail to

The INS for AEs is available to REALTOR® association staff only. The INS for Large Brokers is automatically sent to NAR's list of the top 500 brokerages. The INS for NAR's Board of Directors is automatically sent to the current members of the Board.

Changing your e-mail address

All e-mail changes need to be made through your local association's access to NRDS or through your state association if they handle NRDS data. NAR cannot make changes to local association's records. To check how your association data is listed in NRDS, visit the State and Board Leadership Directory. Remember INS reports go to the e-mail listed for the Association Executive not the e-mail listed for the association in general, so check that both e-mails are correct.

For large brokers, contact your local association to change your e-mail address in the naitonal system.

For information on changing your association's records in NRDS, please call NAR's Member Support, 800/874-6500.

Not getting your INS Reports?

Some INS recipients have had their e-mail address deactivated by our e-newsletter vendor because attempts to send the reports to that address have bounced back to the vendor nine times over the course of three weeks. If you're suddenly not getting your INS report every Wednesday, please follow the steps below.

  1. Check to see that you do not have an unusually low size limit for your incoming e-mail -- at the e-mail client level and at the server level.
  2. Do not have HTML e-mail blocked.
  3. Have you opted-out of any NAR e-mails—and inadvertently opted out of all NAR e-mail. If so let me know.
  4. Whitelist the address from which the INS reports come, which is: and the IP address: Add these addresses to your mail client address book and contact your ISP to have them whitelist these addresses as well.


2020 Census

The decennial census is important for all REALTORS® because completing the 2020 census means more resources for businesses and communities.


NAR continues to monitor and respond to concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on the real estate industry and events.