Ignite Others Update

The NAR Leadership Team has voted unanimously to wind down the Ignite Others initiative. This decision was made as a direct result of member feedback. Ignite Others – in line with the core values for the real estate profession – was launched to inspire action and help REALTORS® make a positive impact in their communities. The spirit of the initiative and many of the resources it housed will continue in other NAR programs. Resources that are part of Ignite Others, including member financial wellness and sustainability, have, and will continue to be, core elements of NAR’s business.

The Financial Literacy pillar is fully funded for this year, and we know many members are excited to make a positive impact in local high schools. Those who have begun applications will still have a chance to complete them, and for those already trained and ready to participate, high school visits will continue as planned. 

NAR members are beacons in their communities—bright points of light that Ignite Others to take action for the greater good. With a heart for service and a passion for progress, NAR members develop strong connections and deep ties in the community to help it thrive.

Explore each of the Ignite Others Six Points of Light and make an impact today!

to Financial Literacy, Homeownership and Career Opportunities

Empowering REALTORS®, Transforming Futures!

By teaching financial literacy to high school juniors, REALTORS® will empower youth to make informed decisions and secure a prosperous future.

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Join us in this incredible endeavor to shape the financial futures of our youth. Together, we will: 

  • Revolutionize the way students perceive money
  • Empower them with essential financial skills
  • Light the path towards the American dream of homeownership


Promotional Toolkit


by Igniting Others within our membership and communities

Ignite Others Community Events

Local REALTOR® associations will host a new “Ignite Others” event or activity to illuminate REALTOR® support of community, home, and property ownership.

Diverse Multiracial Generational Community with Sparklers on the Beach

About Ignite Others Events

These events and activities will include an “illumination” component like sparklers or glow sticks to shine a light on how REALTORS® can and do Ignite Others.

Together, we'll demonstrate the importance of home, property ownership and REALTORS® as valued partners in community engagement and growth. 

Ignite Others Events

For Associations: Ignite Others Event Grant

Local associations can apply for grant funding to maximize participation throughout 2024. This grant program offers financial support to empower local REALTOR® associations to host a new “Ignite Others” event or activity, or to partner and host an event with other local associations.

Grant applications close on Friday, February 23.

Grant Information  |  Community Events AE Toolkit

National Homeownership Month: June 2024

Illuminate the REALTORS® Relief Foundation

African American couple registering for charity run with clipboard

REALTORS® across the country come together during National Homeownership Month in June to raise awareness for the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. For this special fundraising and awareness initiative, REALTORS® will set a personal fundraising goal and personal distance to roll, walk, jog or run, in exchange for community contributions to RRF. Ignite Others has set a collective fundraising goal of $1,000,000. This is a great way to get all REALTORS® engaged by promoting the REALTOR® spirit and supporting local communities by fundraising within and outside the REALTOR® family.

Coming soon: an exclusive digital platform for members to set up individual fundraising pages, assist in collecting donations, and track fundraising progress.

As an added incentive, the top five individual or team fundraisers will be invited to the start line for a 5K in Boston at NAR NXT in 2024.

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation has provided more than $40 million to families in need, helping more than 20,000 families since 2001. 

100% of funds donated to RRF go directly to disaster relief efforts.


to empower them to take control of their financial future, both personally and professionally

Two-lane winding road to the mountains, sun over the peaks

NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness

This exclusive benefit empowers members to take steps to achieve effective financial planning and financial independence with: 

  • A robust platform offering goal-based financial advice, customized progress charts, timely financial articles, budget planners, and more
  • Monthly webinars for both new and seasoned agents, taking a deep dive into financial topics relevant to real estate professionals
  • Special rates from Morgan Stanley's trusted team of advisors

Learn More About Shining a Light on Financial Wellness

Laptop with NAR C2EX program loaded

REALTORS® Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) Financial Wellness Competency

In November 2023, the C2EX Committee, the NAR Board of Directors, and partners with the Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness will unveil the first competency to be added to C2EX in the five years since its launch in 2018. This new competency will empower REALTORS® to assess and enhance their own financial profile, giving them the knowledge and confidence to focus on the mission of better serving their clients. 

Learn More About C2EX Financial Wellness Competency


by educating members on the role that we play in protecting our environment

Sustainability benefits REALTORS®, associations, and communities. REALTORS® Ignite Others to strengthen communities and create opportunities for healthier, vibrant, and more accessible places to live.

NAR's Sustainability Program

NAR’s Sustainability Program provides resources and strategies that benefit People, Profit, Planet, and Property, such as: 

Mirrored, green-designated building Shanghai
  • Partnerships tackling key sustainability topics in residential and commercial markets, like the National Association of Home Builders joint-initiative: homeperformancecounts.info
  • Grant funding supporting state and local sustainability projects
  • A toolkit for state and local associations to establish, implement, and build sustainability into their operations and become leaders in their markets
  • Educational courses that equip REALTORS® with the information necessary to feel comfortable and confident when engaging clients on sustainability topics
  • Research reports for residential and commercial agents, association leaders and brokers, including the NAR ESG+R Report

NAR's Sustainability Program

Sustainability Summit

Sustainability Summit - solar panels, young family

2023 marks the first year of open registration for the in-person Sustainability Summit! Don’t miss the 2023 event in Austin, TX, September 12-13th, 2023, and the 2024 event in Minneapolis, MN, June 4th-5th, 2024. The Summit provides attendees the opportunity to build connections with industry professionals that increase and ignite sustainability practices in communities around the country.

Rapid change is happening in the real estate industry; experience a bigger and bolder event to equip your business with best practices and tools that will increase your bottom line and improve your community.

Sustainability Summit

Sustainability in NAR’s Strategic Plan

Trees surrounded by an upward pointing graphic element

Sustainable actions and opportunities strengthen the real estate industry and community quality. REALTORS® can provide a leadership voice on resilience and sustainability strategies for the homes and communities where we work, live and play.

The Strategic Plan includes the importance of NAR using an ESG+R lens to make decisions. Much like we consider equity and inclusion in decision-making, so too can we consider the health, performance, and sustainability of communities for clients.

NAR Strategic Plan  ESG+R Report


that reflects the diversity of our society

A group of multiethnic adults sit around a boardroom table having a business meeting

The future of the real estate industry is best shaped by sparking interest in future leaders and members who reflect the diversity of our society. A diverse leadership and membership helps our Association across all levels make more informed decisions on behalf of consumers and the profession as members preserve, protect, and advance the right to real property for all.

In 2024, REALTOR® leaders will spark interest in aspiring leaders by expanding knowledge and understanding of how members can become involved in leadership, and the personal and professional benefits of serving their associations and communities at the local, state and national levels.

Through NAR’s Pathways to Leadership Community of Interest Facebook group, REALTORS® will have the opportunity to learn more about volunteer leadership opportunities, advocacy, and mentorship, while networking directly with their peers.

Learn About NAR's Communities of Interest


by promoting professionalism, education, advocacy and tools

Couple speaking to woman in suit -real estate agent

"Brightening the Path to Member Success" represents our unwavering commitment to enhancing your professionalism, education, advocacy, and access to essential tools.

As your guiding light, NAR offers an array of invaluable resources and unwavering support, all aimed at supporting your business.

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