Homeowners Insurance


"Homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home and your personal property, as well as your personal legal responsibility (or liability) for injuries to others or their property while they're on your property."

Homeowner's insurance policies may include provisions for:

  • Dwelling (for damages to your house)
  • Other structures (for damages to fences, garages, sheds, etc.)
  • Personal property (for damages to possessions)
  • Loss of Use or additional living expenses (for times when your home is being repaired)
  • Personal Liability (coverage for injured on your property or by your pets on your property)

Source: A Consumer's Guide to Home Insurance, 2010.

It is important to note that a standard homeowner's insurance policy does not typically include earthquake damage or flood insurance.


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Assessing Costs, Coverage, and Risks

There are many factors to consider when calculating homeowner's insurance coverage needs, including the type of provisions that area and are not included in the policy. However, for a quick and basic calculation, check out realtor.com's Home Insurance Calculator.

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Homeowner's Insurance Market and Politics

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