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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why am I having trouble logging in?

The National Association of REALTORS® takes its members’ security seriously. In order to protect your private information, NAR uses security protocols that take advantage of modern web browser capabilities. If you are using an older browser, you can update to a more secure version through these links:

How can I locate my Member ID?

How can I find my username and password?

Look up your username and/or password here. You can also read more detailed instructions in the article "How to Use Single Sign-on (SSO) on"

How do I change my address, email address, or office information?

Once you are logged in, click the "Hi, [Your Name]" link on the right side near the top of the home page and select Manage Account from the dropdown.

Click the "My Profile" tab to see professional information. Some details, including your name and local association, must be changed by contacting your local association

To change your email address, click the "Subscriptions & Notifications" tab and edit the email address in the "Contact Email" field. Changes will auto-save.

You may also use the NAR Mobile App to update your information. 

Where do I pay my dues?

If your local board/association is set up to allow you to pay dues on NAR's website, please click Pay Dues to log on, then click “My Invoice.”

What programs and products do REALTORS® have a discount with?

Please see NAR REALTOR Benefits® for a full list of partners.

How do I print a copy of my membership card?

Please visit My Account (login required) and select "Email PDF" to get a printable version of your Membership Card. You can also add a digital card to your Apple Wallet or Google Play. See the article Get Your REALTOR® Membership Card for detailed instructions.

Where can I take the Code of Ethics course?

How do I join the National Association of REALTORS®?

You must first join a local board/association of REALTORS®. Please see our How to Join page for details and a link to a directory of local boards/associations.

How do I reach®?

You can reach® at (800) 878-4166 or at

How do I translate site pages into my native language?

To select your preferred language, scroll to the bottom of any page on Click on the "Translate" link — you’ll find it in the lower right hand corner on your desktop or laptop, and at the bottom of your mobile screen. Read the full instructions on how to translate our site into several different languages.

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Does NAR sell my phone number, or other membership information, to telemarketers?

The National Association of REALTORS® does not, and has never, sold or provided members' phone numbers to telemarketers, nor does it sell or provide email addresses to third party advertisers.

For more information, see NAR's Spam Email and Telemarketing & Cold Calling topics.

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