NAR's Health Policy Principles

At the 2008 Midyear Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo in Washington, D.C., NAR adopted the following health policy principles recommended by the Insurance Task Force:

  1. The nation and its health care system are best served by having all citizens covered by health insurance.
  2. Health care coverage and/or insurance should be made available to all.
  3. Individuals should have health care coverage that is continuous, i.e. allows for no gaps in coverage.
  4. Individuals should have the ability to choose their preferred health insurance plan from an array of policy options that offer choices in the scope of covered services and policy costs.
  5. Health care coverage should enhance health and wellbeing by providing preventive health services and chronic disease management services.
  6. The health care delivery system must provide cost effective, quality care in an efficient and timely manner in order to be affordable and sustainable for society. Cost containment, therefore, must be a component of any reform effort.
  7. A “single payer” health care system in which the government pays for and allocates health care services should be opposed.
  8. Employers should not be required to offer employee health insurance programs.


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