Working Internationally: Advice for REALTORS®, from REALTORS®

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We are really excited to announce a new book in the REALTOR® Store, The Little Purple Book: International Rules to Live By for REALTORS®. If you’re already familiar with the Little Book series, you will know that these are pocket guides that cover specific topics in the real estate industry (Safety Rules to Live By, Green Rules to Live by, and a general Rules to Live by).

The Little Purple Book focuses on the instructions, philosophies, and rules that NAR members use to be successful in their international business. The tips are presented in a fun, light-hearted way, with realistic member-to-member advice.

The books are available for purchase in the REALTOR® Store via digital download for $9.95, or packs of printed books starting at $15.95.

Because you are loyal subscribers and readers of the Global View blog – take 10% off your order by using code INT17 when ordering in the REALTOR® Store! 

We hope you enjoy the book, we'd love your feedback!

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