Small Sale, Big Results: High-Quality Service for All Transactions

How positive are the experiences you provide your international clients, even the seemingly small-time purchases?

I just attended the Texas Association of REALTORS® Conference in Dallas (a top-notch event, by the way). While I was there, a member shared a story about an international client who called him, looking to sell a $10,000 parcel of land.  $10,000? This agent wasn’t going to retire on that kind of sale. But business was a little slow at the time, so he helped the person out. Little did he know, that was just the beginning of this client’s assets. The next time this same caller came around, he was looking to buy a $3 million commercial property. That led to three more transactions with this individual, and two referrals to other high net worth investors.

How much effort would you put into a small, $10,000 sale? Would you turn it down, give it to another agent in your office, or embrace it as a potential gateway to bigger business? International clients, especially those high net worth individuals, will often test an agent’s attention to detail and level of engagement with a small sale before trusting them with a larger transaction.

What has your experience been? Have you had any small sales that led to something bigger (whether international or domestic)?