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The global landscape is constantly shifting. During the U.S. economic recession, international investment increased as foreign buyers clamored for bargains in U.S. real estate. More recently, the economy is in recovery mode, domestic buyers are back in the market, inventory is low, and prices are trending upwards in most urban areas. The geo-politics of the world, particularly U.S. immigration policy, are evolving almost daily. Many currencies are weaker against the stronger U.S. dollar.

What does this mean for agents who are in - or hoping to start in - international real estate?

The United States remains an attractive destination for foreign buyers. In 2016, the Association for Foreign Investors in Real Estate ranked New York City #1 for global investment, ahead of all other urban markets. 64% of foreign investors say they will increase their U.S. allocation in 2017, while 31 percent plan to maintain current levels.

Though it might seem that international real estate is bound to decline, U.S. cities are still considered affordable compared to urban markets around the world. American real estate is still a safe and secure investment, our colleges and universities are among the best in the world, and our job market remains strong.

How can you help your agents connect to the news, information, and resources to succeed in global real estate?

NAR stays on top of all policy and legislation changes that impact real estate, including international/immigration. We have several opportunities to keep you in the loop and connected to all the latest news, information, and education opportunities related to global real estate.

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