The Perspective at 30,000 Feet

Money has always found its way into real estate, but today’s investors don’t necessarily limit themselves to considering properties in their city, their state or even their country. They also look across borders when searching for investment property that meets their needs.

New technology has made it easy to gather investment and return data worldwide and to transfer funds across borders quickly and efficiently. GoogleEarth allows buyers to zoom down on property half way around the globe to examine its physical features. As international investment has grown, even small individual investors have gained the confidence and motivation to consider purchasing global property.

The trend extends well beyond established global players. International real estate investments are now a major force in many emerging economies, with wealthy investors in Brazil, Russia, India and China directing large amounts of money outside their own borders to find the best returns and to diversify their portfolios. In many instances, the border-crossing trend also extends to a burgeoning middle class.

This issue of Global Perspectives takes a look at some of the forces that drive money into international investments, including five major factors that motivate people to invest abroad and five major destinations for international money. Look inside for more details.