Our Neighbor to the South

Though it’s seldom been in the headlines, the number of Mexicans moving to the United States has declined dramatically in the last five years. The U.S. job market has shrunk while the Mexican economy has been growing, generating jobs for Mexico’s citizens, many new businesses, a solid middle class and a very wealthy business community.

That said, numerous Mexican citizens are still seeking U.S. residency, opportunity, or a safe place to raise their children. Some prospered from Mexico’s booming economy, but feel they must move north while Mexico addresses crime issues. NAFTA and investment visas have given Mexican nationals with the means a way to invest and live in the United States. With our market in a slump, it’s a great time for them to buy U.S. real estate.

This issue of Global Perspectives examines this recent and important trend in immigration. Though much of the activity is now taking place around the border, there are also pockets of investment activity in other parts of the country. If violence escalates in Mexico, more investors will be looking to the U.S. as a safe haven. Learn where and what Mexican investors are looking for, and how you may be able to tap the opportunity.

Since Mexico is a source of inbound and outbound activity, we’ll also look at how you can build a referral network there. Mexico has many beautiful retirement areas and American expat communities offering a fantastic value and lifestyle for retirees seeking a warm climate. If you have Baby Boomer clients who are looking to stretch their retirement funds, Mexico may be the answer.