London Calling

This issue of Global Perspectives takes a closer look at a new breed of British buyers coming into the global real estate marketplace. Their property search is primarily driven by the challenges they currently face in the U.K. market and changes in the global economic climate. Young, financially savvy urban-dwellers who are interested in investing for growth are looking abroad for good returns.

While Brits have long been attracted to Florida (USA), these buyers are interested in enticing opportunities all across the U.S. as well as other countries where real estate prospects have been good. Spain, France, Italy, and Greece are all viable options. In the United States, the search has expanded from Florida to markets like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami.

Any time buyers cross borders, differences emerge in finding, viewing and purchasing property which play an important role in real estate transactions. U.K. buyers are no exception to this rule. Inside, you’ll also learn more about these differences and what this implies for working with British buyers.

The contrasts in agency business models, the roles of agents and other real estate professionals, how properties are marketed and how transactions are closed may surprise you. Likewise, they could certainly surprise British clients who are buying property outside of U.K. borders for the first time. Learn how to prepare British clients for navigating foreign waters.