I Can Become a Global Agent? Yes!

While the notion of developing an international component to your business may sound appealing or intriguing, many agents quickly cast off the idea, thinking it isn’t really pertinent to their situation. Or perhaps they assume that global business is too complicated or difficult to tackle. Where would I even begin?

It is true that global business can be more complex. After all, it comes in many different forms—from immigrant communities, to foreign buyers, to relocating executives, and more—with each type of client presenting a unique set of circumstances and challenges.

 Simply spotting these opportunities in your local market can be difficult. Global business often goes undetected, fl ying under the radar of most agents. But this is also why savvy agents are increasingly investigating the many and varied faces of global business—a collection of opportunities that translates into a significant and growing segment of the real estate market.

This issue of Global Perspectives takes direct aim at the question, where do I start? Inside, you’ll find information on specific steps you can take, as well as insights into the many different NAR-affiliated organizations that already stand ready to support your efforts.