How NAR Supports Global Agents

NAR Global Businesses And Alliances Division

Provides supporting structure for all international activities

Local Associations

Includes Ambassador Associations and Global Business Councils

Cooperating Associations

Real estate organizations outside the U.S.

NAR Member Volunteers

Includes Regional Coordinators and President’s Liaisons

  • Global Business Councils — Nearly 60 local associations of REALTORS® have formed international councils, forums or committees for helping members cultivate global business. To see if your association has one, go to
  • Cooperating Associations — To help facilitate cross-border real estate transactions, NAR has bilateral agreements in 59 countries with 80 cooperating associations. To search by country, or by the name of the cooperating association, go to
  • Ambassador Associations — This “sister city” program links a foreign Cooperating Association with a U.S. state or local REALTOR® association. The Ambassador Association works closely with a President’s Liaison and Regional Coordinator to expand global business opportunities. Details on Ambassador Associations can also be found at
  • President’s Liaisons — President’s Liaisons are member-volunteers appointed by NAR’s President to serve as liaison to each foreign Cooperating Association. They are generally CIPS designees and, ideally, have some knowledge of their designated country’s culture and language. For an online directory of President’s Liaisons, go to global_alliances.
  • Regional Coordinators — Also appointed, Regional Coordinators provide strategic direction in support of NAR’s global business goals and leverage the individual efforts of President’s Liaisons in a specific region of the world. Contact NAR Global for information on Regional Coordinators.

Learn the Lingo

If you are just beginning to navigate the supporting structure around NAR’s global business activities, you’re undoubtedly encountering many new terms. Following are the most important components, collectively called NAR’s Global Alliances—a network of relationships all aimed at helping members tap the global marketplace.