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The "big kid on the block," Facebook skews to a slightly older audience, but provides unmatched social media advertising opportunities.

Carousel Ads

When designing Facebook ads, don't limit yourself to single images or a photo collage. Carousel ads are an excellent way to display multiple images of a single property or multiple properties. Viewers use right/left arrows to scroll through up to 10 images.

Example of a Facebook carousel ad

Messenger Too!

Did you know you can run ads on Facebook's Messenger service to reach 1.3 billion monthly users? You can even run the same ads that you're already using on Facebook or Instagram.

Speaking of messaging tools, Facebook recently announced plans to offer Facebook ads that open a chat using WhatsApp. (Yes, Facebook also owns WhatsApp.)

By the Numbers

Facebook has 1.495 billion daily active users.

Facebook users: top five countries

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