CIPS Snapshots

Profile of the typical CIPS designee

  • $104,500 in total annual earnings
  • 20% of earnings are global
  • 15 years active in real estate

Top 5 languages spoken other than English

  • 46% Spanish
  • 19% French
  • 12% German
  • 12% Italian
  • 7% Chinese

Membership in other real estate organizations

Over half of CIPS designees are members of at least one other real estate organization. The top five organizations that CIPS designees also belong to are:

  • 19% Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)
  • 15% Women's Council of REALTORS® (WCR)
  • 11% National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)
  • 7% International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)
  • 7% Commercial Real Estate Association (CREA)

My real estate business is...

  • 49% Strictly residential
  • 38% Mostly residential; some commercial
  • 5% Equal mix of residential and commercial
  • 4% Mostly commercial; some residential
  • 3% Other
  • 1% Strictly commercial

My CIPS market segment is...

(More than one response allowed)

  • 72% Inbound residential (permanent residences)
  • 41% Inbound second homes
  • 37% Domestic transaction with international component
  • 18% Outbound residential (permanent residences)
  • 15% Inbound commercial
  • 15% Outbound second homes
  • 10% Other
  • 5% Outbound commercial

93% of CIPS designees have had inbound international clients.

Top 10 countries of origin for inbound international clients

  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. Mexico
  4. United Kingdom
  5. India
  6. USA
  7. Germany
  8. Brazil
  9. France
  10. Korea

5 Leading reasons to keep the CIPS designation

  • 60% Referral potential
  • 53% Better serve international clients
  • 49% Business networking
  • 47% Attraction of working internationally
  • 46% Interest and affinity for other cultures

1 in 5 CIPS designees report that their designation provided a competitive edge in receiving a client's business over another agent.

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