China Looks to the U.S.

Chinese investors have discovered the U.S. real estate market in a big way—or maybe we’ve just discovered their interest in it. According to the 2011 NAR Profile of International Home Buying Activity, the Chinese were the second largest group of foreign purchasers of U.S. residential real estate in 2010, following Canadians, up from the fifth largest in 2007. They accounted for nine percent of total international sales of U.S. properties in 2010, or almost $7.4 billion.

This issue of Global Perspectives looks at the surprising number of ways the Chinese are investing in U.S. residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Learn what this can mean for your business—signals that opportunities are present in your market, and how to reach out to Chinese buyers and alert them to good investments.

Inside, experts with experience in working with the Chinese give their advice on ways to maximize your exposure to investors and increase the productivity of a trip to China. You’ll also find tips on adapting to the Chinese style of doing business, and Chinese expectations in the course of a transaction, as well as an update on Chinese communities already existing in the U.S.

Working with Chinese buyers will be a new experience for many agents. But if Chinese interest in the U.S. market continues to grow exponentially, it could be the biggest opportunity of this decade.