Building a Global Real Estate Practice

At the core of successful global real estate agents are a well-chosen niche market and a solid tactical plan for reaching it. Even so, the complex dynamics surrounding international real estate can make it difficult for many agents to determine how to cultivate a global niche of their own.

The problem is not a question of enthusiasm. Most agents are genuinely excited about building a global real estate practice. The challenge seems to be more a matter of focus. With so many options, where should I concentrate my efforts? Which activities will yield the best results?

This issue of Global Perspectives will help you address these all-important questions. Inside, you’ll find suggestions for identifying your own special niche based on personal introspection and a little market research. You’ll also find many different thought-starters for constructing a marketing plan that covers the three most important aspects of developing global business— face-to-face client networking, online marketing, and professional connections.

Also, many agents aren’t aware that NAR offers numerous online resources to support their global business development efforts. To make it easier to find and use these tools, we’ve included a guide for navigating the recently redesigned

So whether you are new to global business, or a seasoned pro, we hope this issue provides some fresh ideas for looking at your market and building your business.