Asia/Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Lebanon

Regional Coordinator's Message: Nancy Suvarnamani

Asia Pacific has seen significant growth in the past 12 months in several markets including: China, Japan, Philippines, and Thailand.

We have signed a new bilateral partnership with the Real Estate Association of Mongolia (REAM). This has already proved to be a valuable relationship as they have been tasked with creating real estate laws in order to enhance the level of professionalism within Mongolia.

NAR just signed a new memorandum of understanding with United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) to enhance our existing bilateral partnership in order to enrich the education initiatives that they have set for themselves.

In August, the second annual International REALTOR® Conference was held in conjunction with The Metropolitan Government of Incheon and John Riets LTD in Incheon, South Korea. There were over 400 attendees originating from 16 countries. The conference was a great platform for our partners to meet and discuss best practices as well as challenges that they are facing.