August 2023 Foot Traffic

Home Showings in the U.S. in August 2023

Showings down 9% Y/Y in August

August 2023 U.S. showings were down 9% year-over-year, with 727,895 showings, according to data from SentriLock, LLC., a lockbox company. The pace of showing activity has declined compared to last month, July 2023.

SentriLock Cards Inclined 2% Y/Y

Total U.S. SentriLock cards rose 2% year-over- year to 228,910. SentriLock cards, comprised of SentriKey® and SentriCard®, allow REALTORS® to access the Sentrilock lockbox and are an indicator of the number of REALTORS® who conduct the showing.

Showings Per Card Decreased by 11% Y/Y

The number of showings per card reflects the strength of buyer interest per listed property. At a national level, showings per card decreased 11% year-over-year in August.

Line graph: Year-over-year Change in U.S. Home Showings, January 2009 to August 2023

Regional Home Showings in August 2023

All Four Regions Saw Y/Y Showings Decrease

All four regions saw a decrease in showings on a year-over-year basis in August: Northeast -17%, Midwest -8%, West -13%, and decreased in the South -4%.

Y/Y SentriLock Cards Increased In Two of the Four Regions

Cards on a y/y basis were up in the South at 6%, followed by the Midwest at 3%. Cards were down in the Northeast -10%, followed by the West, which was down -2%.

Showings Per Card Decreased In All Four Regions On A Y/Y Basis

All regions saw a year-over-year decrease in showings per card in August. The West and Midwest shared the largest dip of -11%, followed by the South with a decline of -10%. The Northeast had the smallest decline of -8%.

U.S. Map: Year-over-year Change in Home Showings by Region, August 2023

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