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Resources for State REALTOR® Associations

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NAR supports a more robust private flood insurance market in addition to the National Flood Insurance Program. Unfortunately, most states don’t have regulations specific to private flood insurance but rather tend to default to stricter state regulations governing general home or other insurance lines. The Private Flood Insurance Toolkit is a resource for Associations to use as they investigate and seek to remove state regulatory barriers and attract private flood insurers to their state’s property insurance markets.


For the fundamentals on state private flood insurance markets, NAR would point to several resources:

State Law Tracker

NAR engaged Milliman to identify, compile and track the key state regulatory provisions that have the greatest impact on the ability and willingness of insurers to offer private flood insurance to consumers.

Model State Law

NAR worked with the National Council of Insurance Legislators to develop model state legislation which would encourage the development of a more robust private flood insurance market in adopting states.

Legislative and Regulatory Review

NAR staff are available to assist in reviewing state legislative and regulatory proposals. Please contact:

Austin Perez, Senior Policy Representative, Insurance Issues, at

Additional Resources

Upon request, NAR staff can also provide contacts include outside policy and insurance experts who can assist with the development of state private flood insurance laws.

Stay tuned to for the latest information.


Flood Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program provides hundreds of thousands of dollars of flood coverage where required for a federally backed mortgage.

Flood Insurance Reports by State

October 8, 2020
NAR has created reports by congressional district underscoring the importance of flood insurance to property owners across the United States.