FCC Do Not Fax Rule

Quick Takeaways

  • Businesses may send a fax advertisement to you if you gave them permission
  • Faxes must include opt-out instructions
  • You can file a complaint with the FCC online, by phone or by mail

Source: FAQs About Junk Faxes (U.S. Federal Communications Commission, May 8, 2019)

Get information about the Telemarketing, Cold Calling and Do Not Fax Rule compliance from the FCC. If you have questions about the Do Not Call Registry, the FAQs provide more information.

  • Sender must have an “established business relationship” with recipient or written consent from recipient prior to sending unsolicited advertising faxes.
  • Sender must have “voluntarily” received recipient’s fax number.
  • Sender must provide recipient right to opt-out of receiving future unsolicited advertising faxes.
  • Sender must honor opt-outs received from recipients within 30 days of receipt.

The FCC has extensive information on the Do Not Fax Rule and NAR has provided a Federal Issues Summary. The Junk Faxes FAQs is an additional source of information.

See References for more information.

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