AE Institute Charity Project

2023 AE Institute Charity Project – Mary's Place

Each year, AEs look to give back to local communities through a chosen charity during the AE Institute. This year, the AEI Advisory Board has chosen Mary’s Place.

Mary’s Place ensures that no child sleeps outside by centering equity and opportunity for women and families. Since 1999, Mary’s Place has helped thousands of women and families move out of homelessness into more stable situations. Each day Mary’s Place provides a warm bed, hot meals, shower and laundry facilities at five different shelter locations for 700 family members across Seattle/King County. While children connect to school and play at Kids Club, parents visit with housing and employment specialists to secure or keep housing, jobs, and a variety of needed community resources to help families thrive.

Popsicle Place is just one of many programs that provide safe shelter and support for families who have lost everything caring for a medically fragile child. The path out of homelessness can be long and challenging, but community support continues to help thousands to take that next step.

2023 AEI Charity Project Mary's Place


On-Site at 2023 AEI: Kids Snack Packs

While on site at AEI in Seattle, we hope you will join us as we meet to pack as many Kids Snack Packs as possible. These packs make great grab-n-go snacks for kids coming home from school or parents taking their children on a weekend outing. 

Get Involved: Purchase Snacks

Purchase snacks for the children at Mary’s Place using this Amazon wish list. Note: Make sure to choose the shipping option “Debra Jordan’s Gift Registry Address” during check out to ship your items to the NAR offices in Chicago. 

We will be assembling the Kids Snack Packs on site at the 2023 AEI. Thank you for your contributions!

Purchase snacks

Father holding daughter both smiling, outside Mary's Place, AEI 2023 Charity Project
Front window of Mary's Place, in Seattle, WA

Learn About Mary's Place

Visit Mary's Place online

Seattle REALTORS® Support Mary's Place

The Seattle King County Association of REALTORS® is a proud supporter of Mary’s Place and the 2023 AEI is equally as proud to join them in their support.

View photos from the 84th Annual Seattle-King County's First Citizen Award Event, honoring Mary's Place!

At Mary's Place

Two young girls posing against orange walls at Mary's Place, 2023 AEI Charity Project

Smiling patron giving heart sign with hands, Mary's Place, 2023 AEI Charity Project

Smiling young girl in a pink jacket on the sidewalk outside of Mary's Place, Seattle, WA

Smiling boy eating in the cafeteria at Mary's Place, the 2023 AEI Charity Project