2023 Friday Sessions

AE Institute, March 17-20, 2023 in Seattle, WA, Hands-On Learning Experiences

The 2023 AE Institute is pleased to offer a variety of Friday programs that bring together expertise from various NAR staff teams, such as MLS, Advocacy, and Human Resources.

Please take a moment to review the descriptions for the various Friday programs and select those that fit your schedule and your needs. Pre-registering for these classes will enhance the 2023 AEI on-site experience.

Note: Pre-registration is required for Certified Professional Standards Administration and CEO Program.


2023 AEI Friday Program Descriptions

Certified Professional Standards Administration ($150)

Time: 8:00 am — 5:00 pm

Attend the Professional Standards Administrator training and learn how to handle the complexities of professional standards administration, such as processing appeals and conducting hearings. You’ll also learn about enforcement procedures and other legal ramifications. If you attend the entire day and complete and pass the professional standards exam, you will receive a certificate of course completion. 

MLS Program

Time: 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

Learn about the latest MLS issues and topics impacting the industry, presented to you by subject matter experts, practitioners, and MLS executives who know it best.  From data sharing and contracting for services, to MLS governance and addressing potential fair housing concerns, you’ll walk away from Friday’s MLS sessions better prepared and informed to address these topics and more in your local broker marketplaces back home. More details will be posted soon, including specific topics for each session and speakers. Look forward to seeing you there.

AE Fundamentals: I'm a New AE, Now What?

Time: 1:00 - 1:45 pm

There is a lot for new AEs to know in their first year on the job, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take a high-speed tour of tips, tricks, and resources to help AEs make their first year in REALTOR® association management a success!

CEO Program ($199)

Time: 1:00 — 5:00 pm

This specially designed CEO program will kick off with a personal address from Kathy Marinello, CEO of PODS Enterprises. Hear her story of success and how she readied herself for each new position and positively influenced and impacted the companies she led and continues to lead.

Following that, you’ll engage with faculty from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, where you’ll learn about leading organizational change. Managing change effectively is one of the hardest challenges for organizations. Rapid changes in technology and increased competition from globalization have combined to create a business environment that requires organizations to change quickly and often. Take a look at an evidence-based approach to organizational change and examine the best information available to guide you to successfully drive and manage change.

REALTOR® Party Training Classes

REALTOR® Party Networking Lunch: Federal Advocacy – An Overview

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm

NAR builds relationships with legislators and policymakers advocating policy initiatives that promote and protect a fundamentally sound and dynamic U.S. real estate market fostering vibrant communities. Learn about current priorities and the role of the Advocacy Group's Political Representative as your assigned liaison.

  • Helen Devlin, Vice President, Strategy and Advocacy Operations
  • Jon Waclawski, Vice President, Political Advocacy

Vote: All Politics Is Local – How Can You Get Involved?

Time: 1:00 – 1:30 pm

There is an old saying, “If you’re not at the table then you might be on the menu.” The State and Local Independent Expenditure Program and Issue Mobilization Program are designed to help state and local associations support or oppose pro-real estate candidates or issues at the local or state level. Come hear about some successful campaigns and how the programs can gain you a seat at the table.

  • John Winston, Director, State and Local Political Programs

Act: Build Support For Advocacy Priorities With Community Outreach and Beyond

Time: 1:30 — 2:15 pm

Explore how grants and resources can help your association lay the groundwork for advancing advocacy and engagement goals. You’ll receive the latest details on grant levels, initiative examples and resource updates, as well as information on REALTOR® Party conference grants and the Core Standards Vote-Act-Invest-focused print guide.

  • Christine Windle, Director, Community Outreach
  • Hugh Morris, Manager, Community Development and Growth
  • Catherine Mesick, Specialists, Grants and Projects

Act: Tap Into the Grassroots Power of Our Members and Consumers

Time: 2:15 — 3:00 pm

Influencing lawmakers and policy outcomes hinges on your ability to mobilize REALTORS® and consumers in your community to act. NAR advocacy is ready to assist your state or local association to develop grassroots campaigns that will earn you valuable recognition and credibility as advocates, working to protect consumer interests.

Invest: Political Fundraising Tools to Achieve Association Success

Time: 3:00 — 4:00 pm

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is the engine that propels our advocacy work to success. RPAC is the most successful PAC in the country, setting the bar high with a 37% participation rate amongst its membership. Raising RPAC funds can be challenging, but is one of the most rewarding opportunities to build your RPAC culture. Learn how your association can leverage its membership, the NAR RPAC Major Investor Program, the NAR RPAC Partnership grant, and other tools to meet and exceed your RPAC fundraising goals.

  • Lauren Colicelli, Manager, RPAC Fundraising
  • Peter Kelly, Director, Fundraising Operations

Human Resources Training Classes

It's Not My Job

Time: 1:00 — 2:00 pm

Job descriptions are the core of everything human resources. A well-written job description is easily understood, actionable, and defensible. This session will show you how to determine an appropriate exemption status and how to avoid overtime liability. It will also teach you the importance that job descriptions play in other human resources matters. This session will also discuss how to determine pay rates.

Finding the Best Talent

Time: 2:00 — 3:00 pm

It’s important to hire people with job know-how as well as interpersonal skills. This session will include the following how to’s so your association can attract the best talent for its needs: write and place job ads; read resumes; network, interview, and negotiate offers. Equal Employment Opportunity will also be discussed so you understand what it really means for your association.

Pettiness, Squabbles, and Quiet Quitting: Performance or Discipline? 

Time: 3:00 — 4:00 pm

Do you have employees who constantly watch other staff to see what they’re up to, and them frequently run into your office to complain? Do they have issues with each other? Or are they doing the bare minimum to get by? Learn how to address these situations and how to document your conversations (hint: It’s not your supervisor notes).You’ll also learn when it’s right to implement a performance improvement plan versus taking disciplinary action to best mitigate risk.

RCE ADF Workshop

Time: 2:00 — 3:00 pm

Ready to start your RCE journey? Take the first step and attend this workshop that will walk you through the application process. You’ve got this!

When Disaster Strikes: Mobilize To Serve Your Communities

Time: 4:00 — 4:45 pm

Taking action after a natural disaster strikes is already too late. Learn how your association can be ready before, during and after a disaster so you can more efficiently and effectively serve your members and your community. You’ll also learn where to find funding to provide housing-related assistance to disaster victims.

  • Panel of AE Speakers: TBD
  • Nick M. Falco, CAE, CFRE, Executive Director, REALTORS® Relief Foundation