Quick Takeaways

  • Figure out why you want to open a brokerage
  • Do you want to still sell?
  • Get involved in the community

Source: Making the Transition From Top Producer to Broker-owner (REALTOR® Magazine, May 4, 2021)

So you’ve struck out on your own: You’re following your dreams and controlling your destiny by starting your own brokerage. Now it’s time to set up healthy systems and routines, develop consistent and effective branding, and find strategies for generating company leads. You will also find resources for staying up-to-date on the legalities of running a brokerage, tips for hiring and recruiting, and ways to keep your finance in check.  Learn how to develop office policies that speak to the culture you’re building, find out how other brokers overcame some of their toughest problems while starting a new business, and get advice on everything from advertising on social media to establishing a wellness program.

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