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The digital flashcards, like the RCE exam, are separated into three modules:

  • Module 1 – Manage the Association and its Business Operations

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  • Module 2 – Understand the Structure of the REALTOR® Organization and Foster Effective Interpersonal Relationships

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  • Module 3 - Understand Real Estate Issues and Trends & Acquire and Communicate Valuable Information

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RCE CAE Plus Flashcards – Now Available

If you have your CAE designation, the RCE CAE Plus is for you. The CAE Plus is a streamlined process to the RCE designation with a condensed examination, consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions on REALTOR® association management topics.

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  • Purchase RCE flashcards for one or two modules for $95 each
  • Purchase RCE flashcards for all three modules for $250
    Note: When you purchase the third set of RCE flashcards you will only be charged $60 for the third set (you are not required to purchase all 3 sets on the same date to receive the discount).



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