Real estate may be a fascinating and exciting business, but it’s also uniquely challenging. Often, agents struggle to get their business on solid footing or achieve the level of success they so strongly desire. There’s so much to learn, and so many skills to master, it’s no wonder success occasionally feels out of their reach.

Like all careers, however, achieving your goals is largely a matter of training, confidence, and experience. The good news is that the first two factors—training and confidence—CAN be achieved through the coursework associated with the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute designation.

It’s the most complete residential real estate training you can get, providing everything you need to capture more business from buyers and sellers alike. In fact, in a recent GRI survey, current designees cited three top benefits:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge — The coursework provides in-depth training on the most essential topics, substantially beyond what’s covered by licensing courses.
  2. Confidence — Past graduates love their GRI because it gave them confidence in their own skills and credibility with clients—essential components for building a successful real estate career. 
  3. Consumers — With “Graduate, REALTOR® Institute” after their name, they stand out as an agent who takes advanced real estate education seriously.

Graduate to a new level of real estate

When you become a GRI designee, your commitment to your business and clients shows through your investment of over 60 hours of classroom training to become one of the best of the best.

Ready to rise to the next level of real estate?