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When major disaster strikes, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation stands ready to help families who have endured unimaginable loss. We have designated Sunday, Nov. 4 as Dress Down & Donate Day. Please stop by the REALTORS® Relief Display in the BCEC's North Lobby to donate and pick up a RRF wristband.

Written by Zachary Churney, Economic and Community Development Liaison, MIBOR REALTOR® Association

The fundamental idea behind placemaking is that we build communities in which people want to live, work and thrive. These spaces become places where we make memories, engage with our neighbors and take pride in where we live. MIBOR REALTOR® Association believes that a home is not just a...

Written by Courtney Rudat, Community Outreach Coordinator, Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® (GLAR)

REALTORS® don’t just sell homes, they help build communities. And Greater Lansing agents are proving this right one park at a time.

The Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® is driving its placemaking initiative with an Adopt-A-Park program. As part of...

If you are thinking about a creating a placemaking project in your community but are not sure of where to find a space to transform, here are some ideas.

You probably should not tackle this by yourself.  Find other folks in your neighborhood, or a community organization, and partner with them on a placemaking project.  Your group may then want to use maps to identify the best spots for...

The National Association of REALTORS® encourages our state and local REALTOR® Associations to partner with others to make their communities better places to live.   Our Placemaking Grant is available to our REALTOR® Associations to help fund local Placemaking projects.  Since the launch of the grant in 2014, we have approved over $870,00 in funding for over 300 community placemaking projects...

Take them or leave them, elevated freeways are a mainstay of cities all over the world.  The spaces beneath those overpasses are often underutilized – or utilized in ways illegal or undesirable.  However, many cities are now realizing the potential of these dead spaces.

“In a city as concentrated as San Francisco, how do we creatively and innovatively use space that is kind of dead and...


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The latest from NAR about about COVID-19 (coronavirus), its impact on the real estate industry and events, and federal programs affecting REALTORS®.