Committee Chairs & Vice Chairs

Each year, the incoming president-elect appoints vice chairs for all of NAR's committees, forums, and advisory boards. Chairs and vice chairs take their positions Dec. 1, with one exception: The AEC-AE Institute Advisory Board chair and vice chair start their terms April 1 each year.

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AE YPN Forum

Wesley Stefanick, Chair
Nita Martin, Vice Chair

AEC Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board

James Haisler, Chair
Jarrod Grasso, Vice Chair

AEC Volunteer Leadership Advisory Board

Candy Joyce, Chair
Michael Jacques, Vice Chair

AEC-AE Institute Advisory Board

John Gormley, Chair
Brendan Bailey, Vice Chair

AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

Rachel Tristano, Chair
Sarah Rayne, Vice Chair

AEC-State AE Forum

Norman Morris, Chair
Margaret Grant, Vice Chair

Amicus Brief Advisory Board

Dennis Badagliacco, Chair
Wendall Bullard, Vice Chair

Association Executives Committee & Forum

Jessica Coates, Chair
Theresa Hatton, Vice Chair

Broker Engagement Committee

Jo Jenkins, Chair
Kimberly Dawson, Vice Chair

Broker Engagement Council

Faron King, Chair
Sabrina Brown, Vice Chair

Business Issues Policy Committee

Sidney Pugh, Chair
Nykea Pippion McGriff, Vice Chair

CIPS Advisory Board

Helen Marston, Chair
Zsolt Szerences, Vice Chair

Commercial Committee

Mike Vachani, Chair
Jeffrey Conn, Vice Chair

Commercial Economic Issues and Trends Forum

Jared Booth, Chair
Heather Placer Mull, Vice Chair

Commercial Federal Policy Committee

Andrea Frymire, Chair
Guy Matteo, Vice Chair

Commercial Leadership Forum

Dawn Aspaas, Chair
John LeTourneau, Vice Chair

Commercial Real Estate Research Advisory Board

Sabrina Walters, Chair
Veronica Malolos, Vice Chair

Commitment to Excellence Committee

Hollie Billero Buldo, Chair
Sher Powers, Vice Chair

Communities of Interest Committee

Taunee English, Chair
Anthony Lamacchia, Vice Chair

Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board

Alan DeStefano, Chair
Piper Knoll, Vice Chair

Consumer Communications Committee

Shane Cook, Chair
Nicola Esposito, Vice Chair

Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

Jeffrey Phillips, Chair
Cheryl O'Brien, Vice Chair

Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee

Charlie Oppler, Chair
Leslie Rouda Smith, Vice Chair

Data Strategies Committee

Carrie Little, Chair
Robert Strickland, Vice Chair

Distinguished Service Award Council

Cynthia Shelton, Chair
Joe Hanauer, Vice Chair

Diversity Committee

J. Lennox Scott, Chair
Gonzalo Mejia, Vice Chair

Emerging Business & Technology Forum

Alasandra Whitley, Chair
Julie Whitesell, Vice Chair

Executive Committee

Kenny Parcell, Chair
Tracy Kasper, Vice Chair

Fair Housing Policy Committee

Jay Mitchell, Chair
Dorothy Botsoe, Vice Chair

Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

James Martin, Chair
Amy McCoy, Vice Chair

Federal Independent Expenditures Advisory Board

Marvin Jolly, Chair
Sara Lipnitz, Vice Chair

Federal Legislative and Political Forum

Keith Henley, Chair
Maura Neill, Vice Chair

Federal Taxation Committee

Erin Stumpf, Chair
Ashley Endris, Vice Chair

Federal Technology Policy Committee

Ines Hegedus-Garcia, Chair
Christopher Beadling, Vice Chair

Finance Committee

Gregory Hrabcak, Chair
Ryan Brashear, Vice Chair

Global Alliances Advisory Board

Christel Silver, Chair
Pradeep Shukla, Vice Chair

Global Business and Alliances Committee

Lorraine Arora, Chair
Erica Solomon, Vice Chair

Global Business Councils Forum

John Sebree, Chair
Amy Kong, Vice Chair

Housing Opportunities Committee

Lester Sanders, Chair
Jessica Thompson, Vice Chair

Idea Exchange Council for Brokers

Karen Glass, Chair
Brandon Roberts, Vice Chair

Institute Advisory Committee

Kevin Sears, Chair

Insurance Committee

Cynthia Haydon, Chair
William Leininger, Vice Chair

Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee

Devon Viehman, Chair
Kent Simpson, Vice Chair

Large Board Forum

Tanya Monroe, Chair
Robert Clark, Vice Chair

Large State Forum

Deanna Miller, Chair
Bill Evans, Vice Chair

Leadership Academy Advisory Group

Tamara Suminski, Chair
Keith Kanemoto, Vice Chair

Leadership Identification & Development Committee

Carl Tackett, Chair
Georgia Stevens, Vice Chair

Leading Edge Advisory Board

Barbara Betts, Chair
Michael Artelli, Vice Chair

Legal Action Committee

Elena Delgado Jenkins, Chair
Jenny Pakula, Vice Chair

Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council

Darryl Macha, Chair
Micah Volmer, Vice Chair

Medium Board Forum

Todd Woodburn, Chair
Ryan Swinney, Vice Chair

Medium State Forum

Mary Duff, Chair
Alexandria Kebalo Hughes, Vice Chair

Meeting and Conference Committee

Linda Rheinberger, Chair
Veronica Seva-Gonzales, Chair
Harrison Beacher, Vice Chair
Shannon Buss, Vice Chair

Mega Board Forum

Crystal Hawkins Syska, Chair
Susan Nicolson, Vice Chair

Member Communications Committee

Linda Philpott, Chair
Brian Copeland, Vice Chair

Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

Richard Rielly, Chair
Brian Jones, Vice Chair

MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board

Jeffrey Levine, Chair

Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group

Preston Moore, Chair
Bikel Frenelle, Vice Chair

Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

Andy Bencosme, Chair
Johnny Mowad, Vice Chair

Multiple Listing Service Forum

Cindy Hunter, Chair
Ryan Hass, Vice Chair

Past Presidents' Advisory Group

Charlie Oppler, Chair

Professional Development Committee

Jilly Lee, Chair
Christina Vail, Vice Chair

Professional Standards Committee

Brianne Drake, Chair
Shirley Johnson, Vice Chair

Professional Standards Forum

Michael Orbino, Chair
Leon Dickson, Vice Chair

Property Management Forum

Catherine Robertson, Chair
Angela Scarcelli, Vice Chair

PS Interpretations and Procedures Advisory Board

William Hanley, Chair

Public Policy Coordinating Committee

Bernice Helman, Chair
John Wong, Vice Chair

Real Property Operations Committee

Thomas Riley, Chair
Matthew Ritchie, Vice Chair

Real Property Valuation Committee

Peter Gallo, Chair
Beth Graham, Vice Chair

Real Property Valuation Forum

Dean Dawson, Chair
Tom Berge, Jr., Vice Chair

REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee

Doyle Yates, Chair
Socar Chatmon-Thomas, Vice Chair

REALTOR® Party Trustees for Campaign Services Committee

James Anderson, Chair
Christina Pappas, Vice Chair

REALTOR® Safety Advisory Committee

Tiffany Meyer, Chair
C. Lamont Breland, Vice Chair

Regulatory Issues Forum

William Furst, Chair
Deborah Prodehl, Vice Chair

Research Committee

Mark Donnelly, Chair
Lisa Dunn, Vice Chair

Reserves Investment Advisory Board

Gregory Hrabcak, Chair
Patricia Fitzgerald, Vice Chair

Residential Economic Issues & Trends Forum

Angie Tallant, Chair
Tom Hormel, Vice Chair

Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee

Robert White, Chair
M Trevor Smith, Vice Chair

Risk Management Issues Committee

Kelly Marks, Chair
Nicholas Lagos, Vice Chair

RPAC Major Investor Council

Deborah Spangler, Chair
Gloria Alonso Cannon, Vice Chair

RPAC Participation Council

Jonathan Dolphus, Chair
Tommy Choi, Vice Chair

RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee

Marvin Jolly, Chair
Sara Lipnitz, Vice Chair

RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee

Owen Tyler, Chair
Marion Wadsworth, Vice Chair

Single Family Investment Management Committee

Louis Baldwin, Chair
David Dweck, Vice Chair

Small Board Forum

Ava Gail Bourdon, Chair
Cindy Harvey, Vice Chair

Small Broker Committee

Karen Hatcher, Chair
Peter Murray, Vice Chair

Small State Forum

Leann D'Ettore, Chair
Frederic Bates, Vice Chair

Smart Growth Advisory Board

Lorena Pena, Chair
Colin Johnson, Vice Chair

State and Local Issues Mobilization Support Committee

Chris Sloan, Chair
John Blom, Vice Chair

State and Local Issues Policy Committee

Eugene Szpeinski, Chair
Jennifer Vucetic, Vice Chair

State Leadership Idea Exchange Council

Steve Cline, Chair
Amy Bladow, Vice Chair

Strategic Planning Committee

BJ Ward, Chair
Tim Weisheyer, Vice Chair

Strategic Thinking Forum

BJ Ward, Chair
Tim Weisheyer, Vice Chair

Sustainability Advisory Group

Rodney Helm, Chair
John Rosshirt, Vice Chair

Young Professionals Network Advisory Board

Jairo Rodriguez, Chair
Michelle Doherty, Vice Chair