Pride of Place

Tracy Kasper speaking at the 2023 C5 + CCIM Global Summit

What led us to choose a career in real estate? For many of us, it started with a passion for dealmaking and morphed into a love of seeing our communities grow and thrive. We often talk of quality of life, but economic development professionals focus on quality of place. It exists in cities where people not only enjoy living and working but also have ample access to things they prioritize—like recreation, culture, healthcare, transit, parklands and safety. For nearly a decade, the National Association of REALTORS® has fueled placemaking, providing grants to local REALTOR® associations to help their members bring about the small enhancements that can snowball into big gains.

At our C5 + CCIM Global Summit, one speaker cited research that showed quality of place was the second most important factor for companies seeking to locate in an area. Strong public and private leadership was also cited as crucial. That’s where we shine! We have all built relationships in our careers. It is through those relationships that we help build the communities in which we live, work and play. Thank you all for all you do!


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