Apps, AI offer flexible peace of mind for renters in markets worldwide.
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Amenities can be hit or miss for residents of multifamily properties. A pet-friendly environment that delights a dog or cat lover might raise another tenant’s hackles. But if there’s one thing every prospective renter wants, it’s strong security.

Remote Control

Keys, PINs and key cards are still the most common choices for multifamily managers, but newer access systems are app-controlled and AI-powered with video devices and biometrics.

These cloud-based systems allow property managers to control doors or gates remotely, programming who can and can’t enter. The technology can be customized and remain secure. For example, a tenant can give access to a housekeeper for certain hours during the week, says Pepe Gutierrez,CPM, a property manager with Megafincas Alicante S.L. in El Campello, Spain.

Many U.S. property managers are on board. “Inland Residential is configuring intercoms and access control systems to update automatically based on the rent roll,” says Chase Teschendorf, assistant vice president and director of systems and implementation at Inland Residential Real Estate Services LLC in Oak Brook, Ill.

Cloud-based systems also allow for better retention management, Teschendorf adds. “When an incident occurs, [the system] can easily retain mass amounts of footage with only a few clicks.”

Do Your Due Diligence

When planning for a new access control system:

  1. Confirm the technology has no legal restrictions in your area.
  2. Consider long-term tech plans and budget.
  3. Review the system’s track record.
  4. Ensure the system is compatible with existing building systems and technology.
  5. Pilot the system in one or two locations to see if it works and is a good fit.

Adapted from “Safe and Sound,” published in the September-October 2023 edition of the Journal of Property Management.


EV Manufacturing Surges Ahead

Brokers power up for growth in their markets.

As legislation and incentives charge the demand for electric vehicles, brokers in some states are seeing profound changes and opportunities.

3 Hot Spots

  1. Reno, Nev.: The state’s vast lithium deposits have attracted attention from Tesla, General Motors and Ford. Tesla built a 5.4-million-square-foot facility to manufacture batteries and ancillary products, says Bryan Gardner, sior, executive vice president of McIntyre Real Estate.
  2. Kentucky and Ohio: An EV manufacturing surge is prompting ground-up developments and retrofits of industrial properties along the I-75 corridor in Kentucky and Ohio, says Norm Khoury, sior, brokerage senior vice president at Colliers Cincinnati Industrial Services Group.
  3. Texas and California: “From all our indications, the EV industry is ‘ramping up,’ setting
    the stage for steady growth,” says David Glasscock, sior, senior vice president at CBRE in Dallas.

Future-proofing Facilities

Some brokers advise caution: Many consumers still hesitate to purchase EVs because of concerns about whether charging will be available when they need it. And low demand discourages production of chargers and the establishment of charging stations. Even so, brokers can prepare for an expected surge by future-proofing buildings. “It is far better and less expensive to run conduit and allocate power supply to eventual EV charging stations during the design and construction phase versus retrofitting existing buildings,” says Geoffrey Kasselman, SIOR, CEO of Op2mize Energy LLC in Chicago.

Adapted from “Meeting the Needs for EV,” written by Rachel Antman, a public relations consultant and founder of Saygency, and published in the Fall 2023 issue of SIOR Report.

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