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To assist associations of REALTORS® in helping their members meet the REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training requirement, the National Association of REALTORS® has developed the attached copyrighted training program. This program includes:

The presentation can be used "as is" or modified for use with overhead projectors.

Note: Two versions of the presentation are available, one for the latest version of PowerPoint (PPTX) and the other for previous versions (PPT). If you encounter problems with one version, please try the other.

  • Optional Test (.DOC) and Answers (.DOC): The REALTORS® Code of Ethics training criteria do not require a test for "live" classroom courses.

Note: These materials may be duplicated by local and state associations for their use in conducting Code of Ethics training. Copies must include the National Association of REALTORS®' copyright.

  • Commercial Case Studies: Designed specifically for commercial practitioners, use these commercial case studies in place of any case study in the training materials.

Note: These training materials were last revised Dec. 15, 2014, to reflect changes in policy that now allow associations, at their discretion, to require mediation.

For more information, go to Ethics Training Resources.

Handout Materials

The following information is referenced in the Facilitator's Guide and may be used to supplement the program materials.