Filling Your Buyer Pipeline With Current and Future Clients Part 1 With Janet Judd

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How is your business growing and flowing right now? I hope you have a pipeline full of clients who are looking right now or planning to buy or sell in the next few months. We know, though, that hope is not a strategy. We need better tools than just hope to get our buyer pipelines filled. We know that a whole lot is happening in the real estate industry right now. We will be having several months of focusing on tools you can use to communicate more clearly, to set better expectations, and to create great experiences for you and your clients. February's guest is Janet Judd. She's a 2022 REBAC Hall of Fame recipient, Missouri Real Estate Commissioner, former President of the Missouri Association of REALTORS®, and she has won a number of awards in the business. She is going to give you real actionable tips to help you fill your buyer pipeline for 2024.

As a reminder, this a two-part episode, with the second part coming later this month.

[3:17] Janet is a solo agent in Missouri who has been selling real estate full-time for 38 years. She loves what she does and has a servant's heart for volunteering.

[5:42] You are the product when you're meeting clients. They need to know that you're engaging. You need to be credible and communicate to them the value of doing business with you.

[11:08] Janet discusses an app that let's you call someone's voicemail when you can't chat.

[14:15] For Janet, a pipeline means knowing she will be able to have a buyer close on a property.

[15:00] Janet takes the most motivated ones out to show properties. She leads them along the pipeline with frequent contacts and suggestions.

[16:04] Janet has buyers in the pipeline for months. She keeps all her contacts in the loop so they don't run off with someone else. She gets them under a Buyer Agency Agreement as soon as she can.

[21:05] When buyers know what they want, it's easier to define and find it. Then you have to hold their hand and make sure they stay patient while you do your job.

[22:00] Janet discusses the CRM she uses. She also keeps a file folder for every contact in the pipeline with notes. She goes through all the folders each day, making contacts as appropriate.

[27:10] Sometimes you lose an opportunity. Ask people who may be a year from buying how often they want you to contact them. Janet discusses how to motivate them.

[29:34] Janet invites people to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement at the first meeting. She writes the agreement for a year. It's a two-way commitment. Don't disappear from view.

[33:15] Janet's last word: "I really just want you to understand the fact that you're the product. Help them make that emotional decision to work with you and be excited about the opportunity to work with them and help a dream come true — the American Dream come true."

[34:02] We will be continuing with great education to help you work more clearly and more intentionally with buyers. Join us every two weeks for new episodes and review the past episodes if you need help with specific topics. Thanks for joining us! Go out there, improve your system, and sell some property!


"I've been selling real estate full-time for 38 years. I don't have a team. I'm a solo agent and I still love what I do and definitely have a servant's heart for volunteering." — Janet Judd

"Being a buyer's agent, you've got to dance the way they want you to dance. It's on their schedule. When they call, you've got to pop up!" — Janet Judd

"Help buyers to make that emotional decision to work with you; be excited about the opportunity to work with them and help a dream come true — the American Dream come true." — Janet Judd

About Janet Judd

Former Police Officer. First female hired by a 55-man department in St. Louis County — in the early ’80s. First female elected Class President at the St. Louis Police Academy. That’s why I teach the updated and revamped NAR REALTOR® Safety Course via Zoom and in-person. 2022 Chair of NAR’s Safety Advisory Council. Presented Safety Topic at the August 2021 Leadership Summit. First Hispanic to be elected President of Missouri REALTORS® and St. Louis REALTORS®. Missouri Real Estate Commissioner. 2023 Triple Play Instructor. 6000+ attendees from New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania. NAR Appointee to the elite Professional Standards Advisory Council.

  • RE/MAX Results Broker-Associate
  • 2021 President Missouri REALTORS®
  • 2016 Salesperson of the Year Missouri REALTORS®
  • 2015 President St. Louis Association of REALTORS®
  • Hall of Fame Member Realtors® Political Action Committee
  • RE/MAX International Hall of Fame
  • St. Louis Magazine 15-year Five-Star Award
  • Recipient For Client Customer Service