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What's Hot and What's Not: Statement Plants, Jean Tables, and More

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Real Estate Today

Big, bold accessories are becoming all the rage in home design. So, how about a “jable”—a table dressed in jeans—or an extra-large statement plant?

Real Estate Today is a weekly podcast and syndicated radio show produced by the National Association of REALTORS®. Each week, Real Estate Today host Stephen Gasque quizzes Styled, Staged & Sold blogger Melissa Dittmann Tracey on the latest home design trends. Catch up on some of the latest segments of “Hot or Not?” featuring a few unusual trends.

The Jable

Remember the denim design fad in home decor back in 2018? At the time, Styled, Staged & Sold blogged about the use of heavy denim fabric in everything from throw pillows to area rugs. So, with the latest design fads trending toward the unique, what do you think of this jable?

Ancient Greek Statues

Hellenistic design—using Ancient Greece as inspiration in décor—was last trendy in the 1980s. It included small statues of Greek gods and goddesses and larger Corinthian columns. Is a Hellinistic revival taking root in décor once again?

Statement Plants

Designers say houseplants throughout a home’s interior is a hot trend. But how big should you go with your plant? Six feet or taller—or is that too much?

Dried Flowers as Accents

Bouquets of dried florals or dried ornamental grasses—like pampas grass—can decorate tables and require zero upkeep. But are these crispy, wilted florals still on trend?

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