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Sheltering in Place? Keep Your Business Humming with the Perfect Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new world order for businesses, including real estate: working from home during government recommendations to self-quarantine. And with more people telecommuting, the home office is becoming more of a property focal point. Here are some ideas to make your space more inviting.

Layer in lights. Minimize the strain on your eyes when you’re staring at computer monitors all day. Heed advice from the American Optometric Association, which advises workers to direct light away from their line of sight. For example, the home remodeling website Houzz suggests layers of light may be best for a home office. Use a desk lamp to shine down on paperwork, have an overhead light, and use natural light from windows if you can.

Also, consider using a mirror to bounce light around the room—particularly if there are no windows.

Create a calming view. Consider positioning your desk so you can look out a window and enjoy the natural landscape.

Add comfy seating. Of course, you want your desk chair to look stylish, but don’t sacrifice comfort here. Look for an upholstered chair. Consider adding extra chairs to your space, too.

Add a plant. Plants around your desk can help improve air quality by reducing airborne dust levels. Plants also are known to help improve moods. Or dress up the space with colorful flowers on your desk.

Use an adjustable desk. It’s never good to sit for hours on end. Consider an adjustable desk to get you on your feet. Desks that adjust so you can sit or stand are a hot trend in office spaces. Other ergonomic accessories also are popular, such as flexible footrests and adjustable keyboard platforms with padded wrist rests.

Bring in pops of color. Freshen up the paint color, or bring in colorful accents like curtains, artwork, or bright office supplies.


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