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Most Popular Interior Styles in Every State

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What’s trending in your state when it comes to home design? Joybird, a custom furniture and home decor firm, analyzed Google trends data over the past year to find the most popular interior design style in each state.

Eighteen different styles made up the most popular searches in at least one state. The trends include longtime favorites like midcentury modern and modern farmhouse as well as international design, such as Scandinavian, Japanese, and French country styles, Joybird notes in its study.

Joybird researchers also noticed several regional trends. For example, modern farmhouse tended to be the most-searched interior design style in the Western and Heartland areas of the country. Modern farmhouse ranked as the most popular style in places like South Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, and Idaho.

The Cottagecore design trend—a traditional vibe of crocheted pillows and delicate floral wallpaper that emerged during the pandemic—was trending in areas from Rhode Island to Hawaii. Grandmillennial style—another quarantine favorite that incorporates vintage and traditional decor—was the most-searched for interior design style in Georgia and Wyoming.

Most Popular Interior Styles


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