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'Japandi Minimalist Style' and Other Global Design Trends to Watch

What is "Japandi Minimalist Style?" It's one of the biggest global trends in interior design, says Rebecca Snowden, interior style adviser for and frequent design commentator. Snowden offers her five predictions for 2020 international interior trends. 

1. Japandi Minimalist Style

A White couch in Japandi minimal style

Hayward Dove Grey Plush Fabric L Shape Corner Sofa /

Japandi is a minimalist design trend that is a hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese design. Both these styles share the same principles: Clean, uncluttered interiors that are defined by functional yet sophisticated statement pieces. 

"The Japandi trend brings together all the details we love about Japanese and Scandinavian design by focusing on simplicity," Snowden says. "In the living room, try to stick to the simple silhouette of a gray fabric sofa and incorporate a neutral palette which checks all the boxes of Japandi by staying true to its minimalist philosophy."

2. Earthy color schemes

Black and Oak Extending Dining Table with 4 Pendle chairs

Grange Painted Black and Oak Extending Dining Table with 4 Pendle chairs /

Warm, earthy hues are trending in global interior design, but be strategic about how you weave them into a home. For example, "in the dining area, fire up the atmosphere with canyon clay on the walls," Snowden says. "As a toned-down version of orange, it's a feel-good color that invites conversation and stirs up the appetite. You can even color block it with the wholesome lines of a black dining set to create a laidback vibe that's both eclectic and effortless."

3. Luxurious marble finishes

Magnus Black Marble Dining Table with 4 Modena Black Chairs

Magnus Black Marble Dining Table with 4 Modena Black Chairs /

Marble is heading to the dark side in 2020. "Black marble is set to be a big trend next year," Snowden says. "Chic and dramatic, a black marble table in the dining room displays all the hallmarks of luxury with its elegant high-gloss finish, as well as a modern edge. Pair it with curved black fabric dining chairs for an Art Deco-inspired touch."

However, she adds, if a black centerpiece is too over-the-top for a home, consider a classic white marble table, a more timeless choice. "Opt for a stylish finish with a central pedestal design to maximize space and legroom," Snowden adds. 

4. Eco-friendly living

Wiltshire Dark Wood Dining Table With Storage

Wiltshire Dark Wood Dining Table With Storage /

Incorporating sustainable practices into the home has become a growing trend, Snowden notes. One way to do this is through the use of nontoxic paint on the walls (that is, paint that is free from volatile organic compounds, or VOC). Nontoxic paint removes chemicals like formaldehyde in the air, which can cause respiratory problems, she notes. 

"Switching to nontoxic paint is more than just a trend," Snowden says. "It's a strong reminder for homeowners to be mindful of their choices and the impact they can have on the planet." 

Going green also presents the opportunity to highlight natural and sustainable materials, such as wood, jute, or rattan, throughout interiors. "Good interior design is not only about aesthetics but also about improving your wellbeing," Snowden says. "Choose items that are long-lasting and have an enduring appeal. And don't forget to add actual greenery, too, with indoor plants that bring a burst of life to your space."

5. Modern bohemian décor

Kenley Oatmeal Fabric Ottoman Storage Double Bed

Kenley Oatmeal Fabric Ottoman Storage Double Bed /

Bohemian-inspired decor is moving away from its usual explosion of colors and patterns and toward a more paired-back, sophisticated look. 

"In 2020, we will see a modern take on bohemian decor that's all about creating a soothing atmosphere with soft, neutral fabrics and rattan," Snowden says. "A neutral palette sets a solid foundation to start mixing and matching textures. The fabric and rattan layers add depth to the bedroom while sticking to bohemian design's signature style."


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