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Hot Home Trend: Lighten Up the Flooring

Softer wood tones are coming in wider, longer planks to modernize the floors.

Dark wood was the popular choice in flooring until recently. Now lighter tones are re-emerging—but in wider and longer plank versions to achieve a fresher, more modern look.

The lighter tones have some advantages, such as not showing scuff marks, dust, and pet hair as much. Softer colors and wider planks of wood can lighten the overall look of a space and make rooms appear larger too.

Blonde hardwoods, greige (a mix of gray and beige), and whitewashed hardwoods are all becoming trendier options. Check out the floors in this staged space from No Vacancy Home Staging in Atlanta.

Hardwood Floors
Photo credit: No Vacancy Home Staging
Hardwood Fireplace
Photo credit: No Vacancy Home Staging
Hardwood in Kitchen
Photo credit: No Vacancy Home Staging
Hardwood in Kitchen
Photo credit: No Vacancy Home Staging

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