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Hot Home Trend: Curvy Furniture

Find tips on how to style the curvier shapes that are growing more popular in home design.

There’s no denying that the curved sofa trend is having a moment. But why are curved couches and chairs suddenly all the rage? And, how do you best style them for the biggest impact?

Top interior designers offer their tips.

Brittany Farinas, House of One, Miami

What’s behind the hype: Curved sofas “are part of this organic-shaped movement we’re currently seeing in design,” Farinas says. “They look elegant but are still fun--which speaks to a wide audience.”

Design tips: Farinas says you can’t go wrong with velvet when trying out this trend. “Velvets look great on curved sofas,” she says. “Right now, bold color velvet curved sofas are especially trending.”

Curvy Couch
Design by House of One / Photo credit: Rosie Mendoza
Curvy Outdoor Furniture
Design by House of One / Photo credit: Lifestyle Production Group (outdoor)

Mary Patton, Mary Patton Design, Houston

What’s behind the hype: Curvy furniture may feel familiar and even a little nostalgic. “It’s part of a 1980s-style furniture comeback,” Patton says.

Design tips: A curvy sofa may be just the “wow” factor in topping off a room. “I like the idea of an angular space with a curved couch as a finishing touch," Patton says. As for fabrics, Patton suggests “sticking with a solid--as the shape of the sofa says a lot.”

Orange Couch
Designed by Mary Patton Design / Photo credit: Molly Culver

Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors, Lake Charles, La.

What’s behind the hype: “Design in general is taking a bit of the edge off by rounding out its silhouettes,” Thomas says. “Visually, it softens a space and hugs anyone who cares to take a seat.”

Design tips: The curvy furniture can offer a cozy factor. When choosing a fabric for a curved sofa, Thomas suggests favoring a performance fabric. “It is basically inviting an entire family to gather round and snuggle up in its curvature,” Thomas says.

Curvy Table & Couch
Photo credit: Thomas Guy Interiors

Mel Bean, Mel Bean Interiors, Tulsa, Okla.

What’s behind the hype: Curvier shapes make a statement. Curved sofas are “as visually appealing and they are functional,” Bean says.

Design tips: Find a curvy sofa that has texture. “Textured fabrics can add dimension,” she says. “But ensure the fabric has the stretch to compliment the rounded shapes.”

Curvy Sofa
Designed by Mel Bean Interiors / Photo credit: Kacey Gilpin

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