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Don’t Overlook the Driveway’s Power to Enhance Curb Appeal

Rather than pavers and plantings, you can accentuate the driveway with stain colors that complement the house.

A driveway is often an afterthought when it comes to a home’s curb appeal, but it can make a big difference. Paver overlays or border plantings can give the driveway an upgrade, but a colored sealant or stain that compliments the house may be all you need.

You can match the colors of your house to your stain, which can help blend in the driveway with the landscape. For example, a house with plants, rocks or sand may be best paired with an earth-toned stain for the driveway.

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The sealing and staining company Surface Logix released its top picks for driveway color stains for 2024, including:

Warm tan or sandy colors (with subtle yellow undertones): These tend to work best for homes with exteriors that have a neutral beige or a slightly darker brown. It also can complement landscaping that contains sand, rocks and brown gravel.

Terracotta: The amber-colored concrete often has orange, bronzed undertones, offering a muted warmth. This stain tends to work best with Spanish-style homes, adobe architecture or homes with clay roof tiles.

Earthy brown tan: A cool-toned brown can have a leathery, earthy feel that complements most exteriors. A deeper brown also can hide dirt, mud, stains and tire marks.

Dark gray smoke: This stain has an ultra-modern feel. A dark, charcoal gray can disguise minor imperfections, such as a patchy pavement color or cracks. Opt for a high-gloss finish for a sleek shine.

Brick red: This darker and bolder color tends to work best for ranch-style homes or Southwestern architecture. You can even use it to imitate the color and texture of brick pavings for a driveway.

Classic white: This is known as being eco-friendly and heat-reflective. Its modern vibes can brighten up your curb appeal. But keep in mind, imperfections will become more visible. White concrete tends to pair best with lighter-colored homes, but it also can serve as a sharp contrast to darker ones.

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