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Curious About Where Designers Get Their Inspiration Today?

How do designers and stagers stay on top of the latest trends and solutions for home interiors?

Check out Pinterest, a new social media site where members “pin” photos they like from around the Web to themed image boards on their personal page. Pins are shared with friends and other users, and Pinterest offers an integration option to share images to Facebook and Twitter. You must request an invitation to join, which takes less than one week to receive (my invite came after two days).

Many presenters at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando endorsed Pinterest last week. Jill Waage, executive editor of home design with Better Homes & Gardens, said the great thing about the site is the link back to the source page under each photo, which provides designers and home owners with exposure to products, businesses, and ideas they may have previously never discovered.

Thee pointed out an attitude shift in how home owners feel within their personal spaces, which can be reflected in many image boards and room designs users of Pinterest are creating. With the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, it’s more important than ever that a home becomes a personal refuge.  “We live in a crazy world,” Thee said. “Our home should give to us.”

Two home redos that will instantly attract buyers is the addition of a dedicated, well-organized laundry space, and smart storage/organization features. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” he said.

Waage’s presentation Thursday also placed high value on these two upgrades that consumers crave in their next home: A separate laundry room (80 percent) and additional storage (76 percent).

In terms of smart storage, Thee suggested dedicated towers or cubbies for each member of the family – even one for the pets. Add names to them, make it feel like their own, and place it near a widely used entrance. It provides a space to instantly sort jackets, backpacks, mail, keys, leashes, etc., when families arrive home.

Because many working professionals only have a few hours to enjoy their home after a long day’s work, they should make the most of it, Thee said. Disorganization takes away from the tranquility of a space. Consider the laundry room. How many people dread their laundry space? The answer is too many.

Help sellers or recent buyers enhance laundry room space with shelving and cabinetry installed surrounding the washer and dryer. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Target or Ikea may suffice. Consider what can be stored in that space – laundry detergent, other household cleaners, and iron and ironing board, towels, bedding, and, of course, dirty laundry. Add bins or baskets for separate loads for instant sorting. A big enhancement, if there’s room, is the addition of a rolling table where one could fold clothes, or even use for arts and crafts projects.


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